Faust Concerto

Faust Concerto was written for conductor Robert Carnochan with soloists Trudy Kane (flute) Asiya Korepanova (piano), Dale Underwood (alto axophone) and the Frost Wind Ensemble. The title (as with most of my works) comes after the work was completed. The three "characters" as solo lines, felt to me like Gretchen, Faust and Mephistopheles -the the name. A three movement work, there are several significant self-quotes rich with symbolism. Quotes are taken from Xandre (solo flute), my opera Small Change, The Seven Deadly Sins (alto Saxophone sonata) and my Symphony No. 4. The work is scored for expanded orchestral wind and percussion section and therefore can easily be performed by either wind ensemble or orchestra. The premiere performance took place April 22, 2017 in Gusman Concert Hall.

Three movements - Fast Slow Fast

I. Gretchen, Faust, Mephisto

II• . ...memory...

III. Allegro Furioso!

Duration: c.18 minutes

• Mvt II (available in version by itself for Wind Ensemble)

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