New Release! "Thomas Sleeper's Einstein's Inconsistency is a series of eight operas, the longest being about 20 minutes with the shortest just under a minute. On the surface, the operas seem unrelated, but each acts as a sort of mosaic tile to create a treatise on the very nature of existence. What all the characters have in common (a king, a bureaucrat, a critic, a grieving man, a heretic, a priest, a paranoid woman, and finally God) is that they are all at the brink of discovering what it means to exist. When taken as a whole, Einstein's Inconsistency takes the listener into a sort of sonic funhouse. One cannot experience this work and remain unaltered by it. It is clearly a deeply personal piece for the composer and contains some of his most inventive and powerful music to date." Albany Records TROY1515

SLEEPER: MUSIC FOR FLUTE featuring the Concerto for Flute and Flute Orchestra written for and didicated to artist Trudy Kane, former principal flute of the Metropolitan Opera. Ms. Kane is joined by her students in the Frost Flute Orchestra conducted by Andrés Jaime. Four Miniatures for Bassoon and Flute feature Kathryn Sleeper and Ernesto Fernandez. Eduardo Martinez performs the solo flute work Xandre. Available now on iTunes and CD baby.

Premiere recording of Symphony No.1 by the Meadows Symphony under the expert direction of Paul Phillips; XENIA, a song cycle with text by author Jane Alison powerfully performed by John Duykers and the Frost Symphony Orchestra conducted by Zoe Zeniodi; Six Arias for Cello and Orchestra with Ashley Garritson and the Russian National Orchestra.





Concerto for Horn and Orchestra was released in July, 2003 by Albany records.

"The high point of Saturday's Festival Miami opener was the world premiere of his concerto for French Horn and Orchestra...accessible, effective, amiable...a melodious vehicle...first movement sets up a pulsing aura of mystery...Prokofiev-like swagger...Overall effect of the 20 minute concerto is simply that of a tightly constructed, sophisticatedly crafted...score...echoes not only of sardonic Prokofiev, but also Shostakovich and Mahler...yet the concerto is not much less identifiably Sleeper's than, say, Barber's music is Barber's.""[It recreates] old [worlds] nostalgically and eloquently..."

Miami Herald (James Roos) 9/19/00




"Aceldama," Greek and later Aramaic for "field of blood,” appears in reference to the field where Cain slew Abel in the first recorded homicide (in fact, fratricide) of the Judeo-Christian tradition. “Aceldama” is sometimes also used to describe the field where Judas committed suicide after his betrayal of Christ. The opera “Aceldama” was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, artist Joe Nicastri. The work is scored for four soloists (soprano, two tenors and baritone), chorus and orchestra and lasts approximately 65 minutes.

Recording features Thomas Barrett, baritone; Sandra Lopez, soprano; David Crawford, tenor and Russell Thomas, tenor. Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra, composer conducting, University of Miami Chorale, Jo Michael Scheibe, conductor.

"Thomas Sleeper: a gifted composer writing in a rigorous yet attractive tonal idiom...showing Sleeper's gift for string writing that is attractive while avoiding soupiness." - Gramophone Magazine, July 2003



Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra was written for and recorded by bassoonist Kathryn Sleeper. This three movement work has been performed on four continents. Audiences invariably leave the concert hall singing and whistling the final tune which was the creation of then 3 year old son, Morgan Thomas Sleeper.

"...unique concerto that doesn't seem to fit any category, but could please just about is a concerto unlike any other in the repetoire... This is a concerto that is both cinematic and impressionistic...the ride is so vivid and colorful along the'll want to jump right back in and experience the adventure again immediately."

From IDRS Journal review of Bassoon concerto
(Jeff Lyman)


The Piano Quartet 1991, "Dunsmuir", was written and named for the Dunsmuir Quartet which recorded the work. This performance features the talents of the late Justin Blasdale.

"...A truly great CD to add to your collection! Sleeper's quartet is trully a masterpiece! It's good to know there are composers like him, who can write in a modern idiom and at the same time keep the intensity, passion and fury of a more romantic age."






The full version of Sleeper's The Jungle Harp with Narrator Bob Weaver and the Florida Youth Orchestra. The original story was written by the late Captain Eli Vinnock. This moving story of a great tree that is cut down and transformed into a grand piano has enchanted children and adults alike in numerous performances on children's concerts.







"...Thomas Sleeper gives us his own orchestral arrangement, which surely would have been approved by the master himself. It is in keeping with what Brahms did orchestrally, and we learn that Sleeper researched a great deal before tackling it. The balance is very fine, and it's lovingly played as well. Donaghue is again a delight to hear, neither too bold nor too reticent. She's wonderfully lyrical in II. The orchestra delivers a perfect accompaniment, and the arrangement by Sleeper sounds natural and unforced. "

American Record Guide January 2001- Phillip Haldeman




Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble recorded by the University of Miami Wind Ensemble with Gary Green, conductor and Yamilka Silvestrini, soloist.