Chamber Music

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Solo Instrument with Piano
Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra (bassoon and piano version)
Three movements: 22 minutes
Download Printable File $25.00

Purchase Printed Parts $35.00

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano "Seven Deadly Sins"

Three movements: 18 minutes - video available (contact for details)

Download Printable File $20.00

Purchase Printed Parts $30.00


Six Miniatures (violin and piano)
Six movements: 7 minutes $12.00

re:Joyce (bass trombone, prepared piano version)
Single movement: 10 minutes $20.00

What sort of rose? (bassoon and piano)
Single movement: 5 minutes $7.50

Trio for Two Violins and Piano
Two movements: 10 minutes $15.00

Instruments with voice

Laundry Bag (bassoon/soprano)
Ten songs: 10 minutes

Download Printable File $20.00

Purchase Printed Parts $28.00

The Elephant and the Macaw
(congas, bass trombone, soprano)
Single movement: 7 minutes $ 20.00

Triptych (violin/mezzo-soprano)
Three movements: 10 minutes $15.00

Chamber Ensembles

Piano Quartet 1991, "Dunsmuir"
Three Movements: 12 minutes $ 25.00
recorded by the Dunsmuir Quartet as American Chamber Music: MMC2010

Mercator's Oblique Map (violin, viola, clarinet)
Five movement suite from video: 10 minutes $18.00

A Dorsey Trio (guitar, alto flute, cello)
Three movements: 10 minutes $25.00

Four Miniatures (flute and bassoon duets)
Four movements: 4 minutes $10.00

Hetæra esmeralda - String Quartet No. 1
Single movement fugue: 10 minutes $20.00

String Quartet No.2 - Bergonzi (ossia viola double Tibetan Prayer Bowl)
Four movements 18 minutes: Score and Parts $45.00
Download Printable File $45.00

Purchase Printed Score and Parts $65.00


(Wind/perc. octet @ 1111-1110- percussion)
Single movement: 8 minutes
Score and parts $16.00

Chamber Concerto
(solo bassoon, 10 winds @ 2d111-2111, string bass)
Two movements: 10 minutes
Score and parts $50.00